Paper revision according to the comments

To write well, revision is essential. Taking a step back and examining your work with a critical eye allows you to improve clarity, sentence structure, and overall effectiveness.

In the research process and publication of a paper, peer review plays an important role, and revision is a critical part of that process. If you respond correctly to reviewers' comments, your paper can be published, whereas if you respond incorrectly, your paper will be rejected.

As a result of reviewers' comments, authors are required to submit a list of changes and comments to the reviewers. Revisions are usually returned to the original reviewers, who are asked to confirm whether the revisions have been satisfactorily completed.

Asvestina Group assists authors in responding to the reviewers' comments in an academic and official manner, which results in a higher acceptance rate.

Types of Revision

Revision does not necessarily mean rewriting the entire paper. Sometimes you have to revise your thesis to reflect what you have learned while writing. Sometimes it means devising stronger arguments to defend your position or coming up with more clear examples to illustrate your points.

A major revision involves substantial changes to your methods, results, or interpretation, whereas a minor revision involves editing, formatting, or clarifying certain points.

Why It’s Important to Revise Research Papers?

Revision helps you become a better writer, develop a stronger argument for your paper, and improve your reading and analytical skills. It goes beyond correcting typos and rearrangements to revise a research paper. Revising is essentially reexamining your writing from a fresh perspective.

You should pay close attention to how you revise your paper if you want it to be accurate, thought-provoking, and well-written. The quality of your paper won't be guaranteed without revision.

In order to create the best paper, you need to think about it from multiple points of view, since the best ideas come after the paper is completed, and you shouldn't expect to have the best thesis before the draft is finished. In addition, make sure your supporting evidence is logical and correct in order to strengthen your argument by adding more relevant details, eliminating unnecessary points, and adding more relevant ideas.

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