Translation services

  1. Article Translation 

Translating articles of all types into other languages makes them more readable, and most importantly, more accessible to a broader audience. By translating your article, you open it up to international audiences. Scientific translation is the act of converting texts of academic, technical, and scientific documents from one language to another, regardless of the languages involved. In technical translations, the aim is always to provide readers with a clear and accurate interpretation of concepts presented in research articles, theses, and scientific reports. Scholars and interested parties around the globe can easily access and understand this type of material through its dissemination.

Asvestina Group offers high-quality article translation services with on-time delivery by using expert translators and by providing a quality assurance certificate for publication in prestigious scientific journals.

  1. English editing and proofreading

In general, editing strategies aim to improve the clarity, style, and citations of your text, while proofreading strategies aim to correct grammatical, punctuational, spelling, and formatting errors.

Any paper should be written in Standard English to increase acceptance and enhance quality. To ensure compliance with Standard English, our professional team provides editing services for papers with official reports.

 Asvestina checks and corrects over 400 types of grammatical mistakes, from double negatives to wordiness.

Guarantee of translation of scientific and journal articles until publication

Translations of journal and specialized articles (translations of ISI articles, Scopus articles, and other scientific institutions) will be 100% guaranteed and supported indefinitely until they are published in the international journal of your choice.

In case your edited manuscript is rejected, we will offer free re-editing, and if that recurs, you can request a refund. We can only do this if the paper we have provided you has not been altered, and the paper has been checked for pure English language errors.

Benefits of Translation Services

It goes without saying that the most important benefit of scientific translation is its quality. Using this service ensures that you will receive material that has been produced with care and attention. Also, it will be delivered according to predetermined deadlines.

using our translation services, you can follow the entire process of scientific translation. You will participate in the revisions and be consulted until the final step has been reached. Lastly, this type of service ensures the confidentiality of your information.

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