Publication FAQ

Is the Avestina Research Assist Services peer-reviewed?

Yes, all articles published in journals have been peer-reviewed.


Can I submit my manuscript to you even though it has been published elsewhere?

No. Avestina Research Assist considers only original articles. Papers must not have been published in any other journal.


How long will it take to peer review my manuscript?

Our objective is to deliver a more expeditious service than conventional journals while maintaining the integrity of the peer review process. Most manuscripts accepted by Avestina Research Assist undergo a rigorous peer review procedure before publication, often taking between one to four weeks.


Does Consultancy Services to Journals provide a template for preparing a manuscript?

Avestina Research Assist has produced a template to facilitate the preparation of your paper for enhanced convenience.


Is there any particular paper format?

The Avestina Research Assist platform accepts final manuscripts by the prescribed Journal structure. The document submission must be made exclusively to Avestina Research Assist in the format of DOC/DOCX.


When will I receive an Acceptance Letter?

If the level of plagiarism falls within the acceptable limit, a letter of acceptance will be issued by Avestina Research Assist within 24 hours.


What is the paper submission process? | What is the procedure for submitting the research paper?

The author can submit a result-oriented, original research paper directly to the official email address


Will you guarantee Scopus indexing?

The procedure for incorporating articles into indexing databases such as Scopus and WOS adheres to the respective databases' ethical guidelines and policies. Neither journals, publishers, nor Avestina Research Assist possess the authority to determine the acceptance or rejection of an article for inclusion in a database, nor can they influence the processing time for such inclusion. Please refer to the respective databases' journal indexing policy for further information.


Will you guarantee that journals are not Fake, Clones or Predatory lists?

Avestina Research Assist functions as a third-party publisher, assuming responsibility solely for the online publication or publishing of the manuscript in the designated journal, as confirmed by the authors. Prior to finalizing the publication of your research articles, it is imperative to thoroughly scrutinize the authenticity of the link in question, ensuring that it is not associated with fraudulent, replicated, or predatory journals. Once a manuscript has been published or made available online through a journal link, there are no provisions for refunds or cancellations of debts.